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Le Parfait 1978005 Set of 6 Terrines 1 kg Diameter: 100 cm - B00386NNMU

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  • Dimensions: 10 x 17 x 10 cm

  • Box contents: 2

  • Material: Glass

  • Diameter: 100 cm

  • For cooking small dishes that retain their taste and quality. You will also be able to enjoy all of your delicious foods, when you decide to share them. These Le Parfait Super terrines are ideal for all types of dishes.

  • The completely transparent glass. Beautiful, practical and durable. The glass is the ideal material for cooking all your recipes. Why? How? You will soon find out. Glass: Beautiful on the outside, and transparent so that you can enjoy your delicious dishes first with your eyes or to check at a & # x153; it the contents of your jar. Naturally chic, it is no accident that it is used to support the most noble, the glass in your recipes brings naturellement. and good value to the inside. Healthy, pure and 100% natural, glass is the best known packaging for preserving food. Completely Neutral, it does not alter the flavour. Add to that its impermeability, which allows for perfect, long-term conservation. All this makes for the only material that is internationally recognised as secure, durable and neutral. The opinion of the Doctor Annie Thigh chabeau, nutritionist. A product from a jar keeps the same flavours and properties as a fresh product. are in the world, when you open a jar and the same properties as a fresh product. Broad there will, however, obviously be a little bit every less Vitamin C because it is extremely fragile. of course, there will be a little less than Vitamin C because it is extremely fragile. But in the level they're good for your health. " To sum up: making of jars, it is good for your health. It is also eco-friendly. So it is the only 100% recyclable packaging material, and can last forever without losing its quality. This means that it is: less energy and natural resources are used. The result is less energy and natural resources used. At allows you to get reduce your household waste by almost 50%. The Le Parfait terrines are designed to last for years. You can see, the Le Parfait jars are designed to support you for long and reliable.. Over the course of its life cycle the glass provides maximum security. It is also the only packing material that they do not at risk, customized to the health authorities for more than 3,000 years. Its natural it is therefore the safest of all packaging materials.

  • Step 1: Prepare your Le Parfait jars, wash them and allow them to dry in the open air (ensure that you have completely clean hands). Check that your jars are in good condition. Ensure that none of the surfaces on which you are working have any chips, scratches or stains stuck to them. Clean the jars and their lids with warm water and disinfectant or add one tablespoon of bleach for one litre of water. Avoid accidentally banging the jars together. Do not use a metallic or abrasive sponge to wash your jars. After washing, rinse the jars thoroughly with hot water, and then allow them to dry in the open, do not wipe them. Step 2: Choose clean and fresh ingredients. Choose your ingredients carefully. The ingredients that you have decided to preserve must be perfectly fresh, clean and suitable to be preserved. Never use Frozen products or ingredients, or those which have be defrosted. , Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary fruit or vegetables, ensure that you do not allow peeled food to come into contact with waste, such as peelings and leaves. Stage 3: Cook your food. Prepare the ingredients that you wish to preserve. Vegetables must be whitened if necessary. The Birds as specified by RSPCA guidelines must be the interior and innards must be washed with running water. Follow the instructions in your recipe. All Food Preparation must be continuous with no waste of time. Stage 4: Fill your Le Parfait jars. Whenever the product and its preparation method allows, fill the jars with the ingredients as hot as possible, even boiling. Fill your jars up to the maximum level marked on the jar, or up to 2 cm below the rim. Then wait a few minutes to ensure that your preparation has settled correctly, removing any air pockets If Necessary. Top up if necessary. Stage 5: Close Your Le Parfait jars.Before closing your jars, you use a new rubber washer Universal Le Parfait Super New and specially adapted to your jar. Le Parfait's accessories are specially designed to adapt to your jars. Warm the washers before placing them on the lids. Ensure that the rim of your jar is completely clean before closing it. In any particles trapped between the washer and the jar could lead to your conserves being Spoiled. Finally, close the jar and proceed immediately to thermal treatment if the recipe so requires. Conservation methods differ depending on the recipe. Some may require the use of vinegar, oil or salt as preservatives - Thermal treatment may not be required. In all cases, follow the recipe instructions to the letter. Stage 6: Thermal treatment. Put a clean cloth in the bottom of your pressure cooker to prevent direct contact between the glass and metal. Fill it with hot water and place it onto the heat source. As soon as the water starts to simmer, immerse your jars, making sure that you do not burn yourself. Your jars must be standing up with the lids at the top. Prop them up, either between each other or using empty jars without lids. Fill your water level: The Jars must be completely submerged. Close Pressure Cooker Sealing. You can start to count the time indicated on the recipe from the moment that the valve breaks looks from the steam. Adhere to the specified time: it guarantees risk-free conservation.Once the time has elapsed, remove the pressure cooker from the heat source. Allow it to cool down naturally, without opening the lid. Do not move the valve while the pressure cooker is cooling, cool not use cold water on the sides: the jars are under pressure, and a sudden change in temperature could cause them to open. Once the cooker has cooled down, open it, take your jars out and store them in a cool, dry place, away from light. Stage 7: Check and store your conserves. Once the jars have cooled down completely, make sure that the space inside is as it should be by unblocking the closure system. The lid must remain "stuck" onto the jar and must not be able to be moved.For Le Parfait Super jars and Terrines, if the lid is not stuck firmly on once the closure system has been unblocked, this may be due to: incorrect filling - Too Weak or too much. incomplete thermal treatment: too little time and/or too low A temperature. Jar is not watertight: There could be a chip or blemish on the rim or the lid.- You have used a washer that is too old, worn, deteriorated, or one that is an unsuitable model or format. Restart thermal treatment by using another washer. In the case of Le Parfait Familial Wiss terrines, proceed with the same step but unscrew the lid. The cap must be stuck firmly to the terrine and must be able to resist being pulled. If the cap is not stuck firmly to the terrine, restart thermal treatment using a new cap. To preserve your ingredients for several months, Do not re-block the mechanism on Le Parfait Super jars. Store them in a cool, dry place, away from direct light.Stage 8: Open Your jars. Before opening the jars, ensure that space is still there by proceeding in the same manner as stage 7. For Le Parfait Super jars and Terrines, if the lid is not stuck firmly on once the closure system has been unblocked, or if you have any doubt about the state of conservation, do not consume the contents, even to taste them. The opening must be carried out by an adult. Pull on the flap of the washer in such a way as to penetrate the air in the Le Parfait Super jar or terrine, and the lid will come off. For easier opening, it is recommended that you use the Le Parfait washer Puller designed especially for this purpose.

  • Highlights: Very few brands or products can last a long time. This is particularly true nowadays, even though technological innovations are on the increase. Le Parfait's products owe their longevity to their simplicity and their popularity. Historical: as well as having a charming past, the Le Parfait brand also has a bright future ahead. Founded in Reims at a time when making conserves using glass jars was one of the only available methods, Le Parfait threw itself into furthering the brand with Vim and vigour. However, despite this popularity, a name alone isn't enough to make an impression. Qualities have enabled Le Parfait jars to weather the decades, and have given it a as yet unparalleled reputation. For your background: Le Parfait jars are made with passion. Just imagine sand transforming into glass and the raw materials used to create Le Parfait's emblematic accessory: The Orange Rubber Washer. and the 140 people who deliver to large retailers as well as small village of 20 million copies per year. That's a 50% increase in the last 10 years. Zoom in on the product. The advantages of jars and Terrines. An original shape, a design identifiable by all. The orange rubber washer is the symbol of the brand. Transparency, as a symbol of Honesty: If you're "perfect" You Have Nothing To Hide. Highly robust. and practical: Easy to handle, no need for instruction manuals. Anything preserved in a Le Parfait jar is ready in a jiffy. A Le Parfait jar is well adapted to our daily lives. Healthy: a quality for preserving that has never been challenged. Environmentally friendly: uses recyclable materials. Economical: guarantees a long life and energy savings. Although in its Seventies, the Le Parfait jar is still at the height of fashion. Organic: No need to add salt or preservatives - it's all natural. Home-made: The Pleasure Of saying "I made it myself." Decorative: The Jars don't hide anything, and can be displayed throughout the house. Convivial: The Pleasure Of Giving and sharing is pleasant, for all to see, the symbol on its own of taste and freshness. The Secret to conserving this wisdom is Le Parfait.

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    Le Parfait 1978005 Set of 6 Terrines 1 kg Diameter: 100 cm - B00386NNMU